Website Development

RedRansom understands that when it comes to websites, everyone's needs are different. Whether its an ecommerce solution, a company intranet or a small site dedicated to a single accountants clients, RedRansom can develop a website for you with the minimum of fuss.

There are various different stages that have to be completed in the design, build and testing of a website. We cover:

  • Domain Registration

    There are two ways about this:
    • Buy your own name and pass it over to us to look after. We will then notify you as and when it needs to be renewed.
    • Choose your domain and we will purchase it and look after it sending you a bill when it needs renewing.
  • Domain Hosting

    We will find the best hosting solution for your business that will come under your SLA's whilst also being within your own cost requirements.
  • Your Requirements

    The most important part of any website development is finding out what you, the client needs from the website. To make it truly work for your business, we will spend as long as necessary in planning the site so that it will when complete do the job that it is being written for - and that is making money for your business.
  • Website Development

    We use high quality design partners to create a polished site that will give your business a professional presentation. Once design is complete, any dynamic features - such as ecommerce are developed so that they work seamlessly inside your website. This is a very important part of the process and you will be involved at all times to ensure you are happy with its progress.
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    This can be a simple process of page design and site structure, or it can involve the more complicated measures of including links to other sites (for referrals), keyword optimisation and advertising on search engines to secure the best results.
  • Content Management

    If you need changes to your website but don't have the expertise in-house then we can provide a solution for you to get the content changed efficiently and cost effectively.