Software Development

Software Design

RedRansom will analyse your businesses needs and produce a detailed design for any required system.

We're confident that the RedRansom lead design process will be such a good experience for you that you will want to continue the project with us. However, we will ensure that our design documents can also be used as both a tender document or a specification for a third party development team, as well as a specification for RedRansom to do further work. The choice will be yours.

Software Development & Testing

RedRansom can provide a development solution either based upon software designed by ourselves, or using a customer's own specifications.

Software is developed using XP techniques to ensure that the client is fully involved from the first minute till the last. With XP the software is constantly templated so that the client gets to see how the development is progressing and can so make changes without disrupting the flow of the development timescales.

Irrespective of the project RedRansom consider testing to be intrinsically linked to the development process. Where possible we aim to automate software testing, to better allow regression testing in the future. This allows you to keep your costs down when you want to make changes as your business grows.