Database Integration

RedRansom can provide database solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Many people don't understand the benefits that a structured database of information can bring. If you have difficulty finding out the important management information that resides in your business as your current system doesn't provide you with the right tools, then we might be able to help you discover the lost information and so optimise your performance.

There are two aspects of databases that we excel in:

  1. Database Management & Design

    RedRansom use traditional relational database design techniques to build efficient and highly optimised databases that handle the business that you require.

    Once the databases have been built we can write system's to continually monitor them, so that further optimisations can be built into the design for future improvements to your business.

  2. Database Integration & Reporting

    If you need to access the data that is hidden in your old legacy systems or you are in the process of importing the data into new systems but are having issues matching up the formats, we can provide systems to transform the data into the format you require.

    Once you have your data available for use, you will need to access that data to provide your business with reports that will sharpen up areas of your business that are presently lacking.